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The Death and Life of Erza Scarlet, ch 25 pt 2
“You did fine yesterday,” Rukia said impatiently.
“That was… I dunno, dumb luck?” Ichigo said. The memory of it was a bit hazy, almost a blur. He had felt strong, powerful, he had felt right… but now, in the daylight, where it was no longer fight or die, he felt hesitant, even afraid. Tatsuki was right- it was a whole new world, and the thought of being enlisted as a soldier in it didn’t appeal to him.
Rukia shook her head. “Trust me, your strength is far above that of a typical human being. Stronger than many shinigami, even. You won’t be dealing with anything too dangerous. I’ll just give you some basic training, just as a temporary solution, and we’ll-“
“No,” Ichigo said flatly. “Sorry, but no. This is your mess, not mine. I’m not going to stick my neck out because you messed up. If it were just… something smaller, but, ah,” He scratched his head; he felt like a prick s
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The Death and Life of Erza Scarlet, ch 25 pt 1
Life was funny. Kurosaki Ichigo, fifteen years of age, had no real cause to complain, really- he had been raised with two loving parents, his teen years so far had carried considerably less angst than TV dramas would lead you to believe, and he got good grades in school. He’d fight punks who singled him out for his hair every now and then, but his more than proficient karate usually made that a very one-sided affair, and the two times so far he had got busted up badly, his auntie had hunted the guilty parties down and delivered beat-downs of epic proportions- his auntie did not mess around, didn’t care if you were a girl or a boy, a child or an adult, and the people at his school whispered with terror about the demon woman who had adopted Orihime and looked out for that Kurosaki punk like one of her own.
Yes, life was not at all bad, for a period where things were supposed to be hard, frightening and confusing. But it was funny. There were hiccups. Like the ghosts, for exam
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The Death and Life of Erza Scarlet, ch 24 pt 2
Suin Shizuo was standing leaned against a kitchen cabinet. He had an urge to pace back and forth; this whole operation had made his mind race. But he was a leader, the patriarch of the last Japanese Quincy clan, and he had to stay composed at all times. This operation was the first serious undertaking since his ascension, his chance to prove he was strong, decisive, unafraid. There were precious few purebloods left- his traitor cousin Ryuken aside, only he and four more were pure, and would have to breed with the best among their servants to keep the clan strong. Ten servants had come with them, meaning almost the entire clan was here.
“My lord,” one of the servants said, walking in and interrupting his musings, “the children are… restless. Kago and Suki would like instructions on what to do.”
“Do I need to tell them how to wipe their behinds as well?” Shizuo snapped. “They are hostages- put them in their place.”
“Yes, my lord
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The Death and Life of Erza Scarlet, ch 24 pt 1
As they sped through town, Erza’s mind raced. She was hardly the most stoic of people; like most from Fairy Tail she was passionate, if not wearing emotion at the sleeve then at least keeping it close. But a long life in service to the Gotei had allowed her to keep a level head in dangerous situations, far more so than somebody like Masaki would be able to. Poor Masaki- Erza felt the same outrage as she did, the same fear, anger and determination to find the children, but she was all too aware that a mother’s instinct was that much stronger. Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin were her children; they had grown in her womb, been nursed and nurtured by Masaki from their youngest age, and now they were taken, for purposes unknown. She held up fairly well, circumstances considered, although Erza suspected that just like she herself did, she was trying very hard not to think about what could be happening to the kids at this time.
In mere minutes- which felt like years- they reached Urahara
:icongreatkingrat88:Greatkingrat88 3 0
The Death and Life of Erza Scarlet, ch 23
It had been clear to Hinamori Momo, after the first wave of shock and grief had passed, that she had a duty- no, an obligation to become stronger. It is what Erza would have wanted for her- to be the very best she could be. One day Erza would come back; she knew it with the same certainty she knew that the sun would rise in the morning, and she knew with the same certainty that she was innocent, the victim of… something. A conspiracy, terrible luck, whatever it may be. When that time came, when Erza came back, Momo would stand with her, defend her- in a court, or in battle. Because when she did come back, she would stand by her no matter what, even if it meant turning her back on the Gotei.
It was that realization, the grave and grim knowledge that she, too, would accept the label of traitor for her beloved friend, that spurred Momo to move forward. The first few weeks she had simply carried on like a drone, a robot performing one chore after another. Then, after he
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*new character enters, bails Danny out*

"Wow, you're the worst iron fist ever."
^actual dialogue

*instant new favourite character*
TFW you realize that Danny Rand is also the gay knight from game of thrones

where he was 10 000% more interesting

This... doesn't look all that promising TBH. I agree with everyone else though, Willem Dafoe is perfect for the role of Ryuk.
Watching Iron Fist on netflix. I don't get this. Daredevil was amazing, Jessica Jones was great, and Luke Cage was pretty good too... but this is boring. Painfully boring. Has marvel finally fucked up?


Lika a BAWSS.

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Favourite cartoon character: Soifon
Personal Quote: Jaha du
So Erza's mom is revealed. And I actually want to read it. I mean, I saw a picture of her and it's godawful character design- this was drawn for one purpose, and it was not "let's create a dignified, intimidating villain", or "let's create a unique and interesting character with personality"... but rather "Hey tween boys, here's the villain- now open your zippers and fap to her". 
:icondraconichero18: tells me she's a super evil badass of some kind, and it makes me wonder how the flying fuck anyone takes her seriously, inside or outside her universe.

But even so I want to read it because I like Erza as a character.

But at the same time I can't. Because this is Fairy Tail, laced with the whole host of problems I normally associate with it- overt fanservice, a baffling inability to write even basic shonen, godmoded fights, childish art, dissatisfying villains that are either dark as night or just misunderstood and easily forgiven good guys... I could go on. It's just so bad.
So unless Mashima completely turned around and started not doing the above, I know that reading to catch up will give me the impulse to cave my own skull in with a hammer. 

What a waste.
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Days without being a national embarassment: continuously zero.

Yeah, I heard. He's flat out making things up. There's one upside though: the media is getting harsher, now forced to do proper fact checking in their reporting.
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