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Eat your heart out Light Yagami, the real Kira is named Yoshikage :O
This time on Jojo: an actual ghost story, whose premise is a scary story I know from my childhood. Neat.
Watching Stardust Crusaders: "Well here we go I guess, time to force myself through this and hope it'll be exciting at least at one part"
Watching Diamond is Unbreakable: "Oh shit, I can't wait to watch the next episode"
Got bored, started watching Diamond is Unbreakable. The contrast is... amazing. Like, it's actually *good*. The animation is a bunch better, and the art too- people looking like people, rather than a bunch of square shapes assembled to resemble a steroid abusing schwarzenegger parody. The characters work, Jotaro and Josuke have actual chemistry, and it's actually engaging from the start. 8/10 don't fuck this up...


Lika a BAWSS.

Current Residence: Somewhere in the middle of Sweden
Favourite genre of music: Classic rock
Favourite cartoon character: Soifon
Personal Quote: Jaha du
So Erza's mom is revealed. And I actually want to read it. I mean, I saw a picture of her and it's godawful character design- this was drawn for one purpose, and it was not "let's create a dignified, intimidating villain", or "let's create a unique and interesting character with personality"... but rather "Hey tween boys, here's the villain- now open your zippers and fap to her". 
:icondraconichero18: tells me she's a super evil badass of some kind, and it makes me wonder how the flying fuck anyone takes her seriously, inside or outside her universe.

But even so I want to read it because I like Erza as a character.

But at the same time I can't. Because this is Fairy Tail, laced with the whole host of problems I normally associate with it- overt fanservice, a baffling inability to write even basic shonen, godmoded fights, childish art, dissatisfying villains that are either dark as night or just misunderstood and easily forgiven good guys... I could go on. It's just so bad.
So unless Mashima completely turned around and started not doing the above, I know that reading to catch up will give me the impulse to cave my own skull in with a hammer. 

What a waste.
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  • Reading: Lords and Ladies
  • Watching: Miniwargaming batreps
  • Playing: Starcraft 2
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NeonAmbassitor Featured By Owner 3 days ago
So the house is somehow managing to turn repealing Obamacare into creating unhelpful & restrictive regulations and adding another 9 trillion to the debt.

Rand Paul voted against it.

I'm actually impressed my congress managed to fuck up this bad.
Greatkingrat88 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Welcome to Trump's america, I guess. 
NeonAmbassitor Featured By Owner 3 days ago
And he's not even in office yet.
Greatkingrat88 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
And it can only go down from here. WOO HOO!
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Shawntheimmortal94 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Artfrog blocked me so I'll respond here

1)So what are we suppose to do? Fill up prisons and spend more of our money to keep them in there? What about dictators? Shouldn't they pay for hurting their people? There has to be consequences and throwing them in a cage isn't changing anything.

2)It's not enough and torture is still a possibility. Also what about criminals who do horrible things but get a light sentence? How many times are people in and out of jail or prison? What about terrorists? Do you want them to continue living? What about child molesters?? Hell wouldn't they get killed in prison? Why not try to send a message so there won't be no more crime?
Greatkingrat88 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
"Fill up" prisons? Hardly- the vast majority of convicts are not people guilty of a capital offence. In general it will be petty thieves, robbers, con men, drug peddlers (or users) et cetera- just check prison statistics. If you want to save money on prisons, stop sending people to jail for 20 years because they had an ounce of weed on them. Compared to the vast majority, the inmates guilty of murder etc are nothing in terms of tax payer money.
Throwing them in prison is putting them where they belong- robbed of freedom and away from civilized society.

"Torture is a possibility"? Not if you want to adhere to human rights or human decency. 
If you think criminals get off too easily, then work to have the justice system appropriately reformed. If they get off easily, how would death sentences help? They're already getting off, you said it yourself.
Terrorists deserve life in prison. Making them martyrs only boosts enemy morale.
"Send a message" is a tired old piece of reasoning that is objectively untrue- no matter how harshly a crime is punished, there will always be more thieves, murderers and rapists. Scare tactics don't work. You know what does work? Eliminating poverty. Give people education and opportunity and you'll have cut down most of crime, because crime doesn't pay well and most people would rather work. There would still be crime, of course, but reductions would be drastic.
Shawntheimmortal94 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I already know that people getting thrown in jail for having weed is bullshit, I'm talking about killing child molesters and Terrorists. If the evidence is there then throw the book at them so hard it crushes their skull.   

Why should child molesters and terrorists have any human rights after what they did? Kill them slowly and make them suffer, why show them mercy when they wouldn't? Wouldn't they being in prison give terrorists more morale? It's better to end that person's life and kill the rest, I know it's not easy but there has to be a way to stop terrorism. And I agree, people do crime because they have no choice but when it comes to people who fuck kids or blow themselves up and take many people with them, I doubt education and money would change their ways considering that terrorists kill themselves for their god so how do you stop that? 
Greatkingrat88 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
You were the one who talked about "filling up" prisons with murderers etc; I only replied to that.

Why? Because we all have human rights. Because all of us, the lowest and the highest, are entitled to the same rights. Because if you're not willing to give the worst the same rights as you, your ethics are hobbies, not beliefs.
Prison is not "mercy". Prison is suffering, punishment.
The problem of terrorism is not solved by killing terrorists post trial. It's a complex issue, and executions do nothing to help it. 
(Also, you seem to assume terrorists are all religiously motivated- which is entirely inaccurate; a majority of terror crimes are not done by islamic extremists, but by far left/right organizations with extremist beliefs, or politically motivated movements like the IRA.)
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VoGoshinki Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Right now I'm at college. If you've made any progress, please note me on DA.
Greatkingrat88 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
None yet, AGToR having taken priority.
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